The Premier Source for Southeast Asia’s Company Intelligence

Darwiin leverages on cutting-edge technology and human experts to connect millions of company data, delivering best-in-class datasets and intelligence that empower business leaders to thrive in Southeast Asia.

Who Are We?

Darwiin is your premier source for Southeast Asia’s company intelligence. We recognize the enormous potential of B2B markets in Southeast Asia. At the same time, we see that this region is undeniably plagued by huge information gaps.

Our job is to fill in those gaps by delivering insightful data on public and private companies in Southeast Asia. We help business leaders with Sales Prospecting, Vendor Sourcing, Market Research, M&A Deal Sourcing, Company Due Diligence. Instead of making key business decisions using guesswork, you can now substantiate them with solid data and intelligence.

Our datasets are based on three primary sources:

  • Sophisticated crawlers mining data from millions of websites
  • Our unique network of government agencies, credit bureaus & data partners
  • Crowd intelligence from platform users

By harnessing the power of data science, our propriety algorithms connect these datasets, using a rigorous and systematic process of cleansing, validating, formatting, augmenting, mapping and harmonizing.

With powerful and customized company intelligence on hand, you could now methodologically discover, evaluate and engage B2B customers, vendors & strategic partners.

Who Uses Darwiin?

Sales & Marketing

Discover new accounts that match your ideal Customer Profile. You can evaluate the quality of leads and obtain necessary details for effective client outreach.

Corporate Planning & Strategy

Conduct market research to discover new markets. Identify strategic business partners to assess addressable opportunities and competitive landscapes.

Compliance/Risk Management

Complete company background checks and due diligence. Manage various risks associated with business counterparts such as legitimacy, creditworthiness, conflict of interest, vendor credentials.

Use Cases

Market sizing

Identify the size of your target markets by mapping market players. Using NLP, we exhaustively classify companies that are similar.

Discover new prospects

Based on your Ideal Customer Profile, build a comprehensive list of B2B targets with high conversion rates by using a mix of firmographics, technographics, geospatial data, spending power/growth signals. Discover new prospects that you would have otherwise overlooked.

Company profiling

To help you focus your engagement efforts and personalize your outreach messages, Darwiin provides 360 profiling of a company in terms of products/services, financial performance, ownership structure, key management personnel, competitors, key events or news, digital footprint etc.

CRM Enrichment

Enrich your CRM solutions with a wide range of data fields such as industry, company size, technologies used etc. Identify key decision makers and obtain their contact details. Engage the right personnel to maximize response rate and conversion rate.

Know-your-vendor (KYV)

When you onboard the wrong vendors, you put your reputation at risk. Check the legitimacy of the companies and carry out screenings for negative news.

Competitive Benchmarking

Keeping close tabs on your competitors, find out their size, growth, financial stability, profitability, key personnel, key events etc.

Why Darwiin?

Geographical Focus

In a market where everyone is obsessed with “disrupting the world” and boasting “global coverage”, we set our heart on serving Southeast Asia markets. Our strong domain expertise in this region enables us to deliver you company data with great breadth, depth and relevance.

Industry Coverage

Darwiin’s coverage of over 1,000 industries means no relevant company slips through. Whether it’s a popular industry like system integration or a niche offering like smart surveillance, we cover them all.

Unique Data Sources

Beyond publicly available information, we leverage relationships to tap into a unique network of government agencies, credit bureaus and data partners to get access to investment-grade information that is clean, factual and accurate.

Data Quality

Unfortunately, no vendor can give you 100% assurance over data quality. Despite this, we take pride in our data science prowess and data processing rigor that differentiate ourselves.
Many vendors collect data haphazardly, leading to omissions and duplicates. On the other hand, we adopt a top down and robust system that methodically fuses statutory data with structured and unstructured data on the internet. Once this is done, the datasets are subjected to multiple rounds of validation using different tools.

Customized Dataset and Intelligence

Beyond offering off-the-shelf datasets, one of Darwiin’s core strengths is our ability to intertwine raw data from different sources that are seemingly independent. We augment insights tailored to your specific business needs and build you a customized data pipeline.